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The Main Civitai Logo
The Main Civitai Logo

Launched in November 2022, was born to answer the growing demand of fine-tuning enthusiasts for a platform where they could seamlessly share their creations and interact with fellow creators.

Civitai is a dynamic platform designed to boost the creation and exploration of AI-generated media. We offer an environment where users can upload, share, and discover custom models, each trained on distinct datasets. With the aid of AI media software, these models can be leveraged as innovative tools for crafting your own unique creations.

Safety and Terms of Service for Users

In operating our platform, we're guided by our Terms of Service to ensure a respectful and secure environment for all our users.

Our Safey pages give additional guidance on the types of content we welcome on the Civitai site.

Services Offered

The Civitai website supports the following services:

Environmental Responsibility

Civitai supports Carbon offsetting to help reduce the impact of its services on the environment.